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Actual News Below!

October 18th, 2011:

Still working on the new record. We have demos recorded that just need vocals to be added. Hopefully, we'll have a couple tracks up soon! In the meantime, check out the CASTLEBANDIA CD

- Bryant


June 4th, 2010:

So. Joel Hatstat's back in the band on bass. If you remember... he was our original bass player that helped us write the entire Martial Arts record. We're incredibly pumped and are making a lot of writing progress. The new full length is halfway written. Hopefully, we'll be ready to record by the end of this year. We're planning on doing quite a bit of touring to promote the new record once it's release. A few regional shows are in the works.

- Bryant


January 27th, 2009:

1> So Rival's has been released. It is available on CD from STIFF SLACK records in JAPAN as well as 10" Vinyl from Hello Sir Records in the United States. We're very happy with the songs and the quality of the recording. You should hear it.

2> We're going to SXSW. Hello Sir Records is having a showcase again this year with friend label, Kindercore. This year, Maserati and A. Armada are playing the showcase as well... quite exciting. We're also working out some day parties.

3> We're going to JAPAN! Our good friend Takuya from STIFF SLACK is putting together an 8-day tour for us in April.

4> We're half-way through writing our new record... soon...

- Bryant


December 12th, 2007: Many many many thanks to everyone that helped us in anyway in the United Kingdom and Europe. We had the absolute best time ever. Many special thanks to Dawn, Bjoern, and most of all, the guys in Mutiny on the Bounty (the greatest guys ever!). Hopefully, we'll make it back over very soon!!

Ok, our current plans... We're home now, and we're going to be taking a little time off from playing shows to work on a new record! Also, we're recording the 3 un-recorded double drum songs with Jeremy to release with STIFF SLACK records in Japan, if all goes well. We should be recording those in January. Also, we have plans to release a 7" in the United Kingdom with our friends in An Emergency. That all being said... we've got a lot of work ahead of us.

- Bryant


October 5th, 2007: THE CONTRABAND DVD is FINALLY here!! We're incredibly happy with it. It honestly puts the Megaband DVD to shame... we had 4 cameras shoot the show and we added a picture in picture as a way to watch the game the entire time. The sound quality is also very good! Please check it out.

In Cinemechanica news, we leave for the United Kingdom and then to Europe in a little over a week!! We are incredibly excited!

- Bryant


June 26th: Preparations for Athfest this year were extra intense for us this year... but in the end everything went incredibly well!

Our good friend, and new bass player, Matt Nelson from A.Armada played his first show with us on bass to a packed 40 watt club. He did an incredible job and are glad to have him on board... many many thanks to Erica for helping us out this past year. Keep a look out for her new projects that are in the works!

The first Ninja Gaiden Band show happened to an incredibly packed Caledonia Lounge without a hitch. We also were lucky enough to have several fine fellas record the entire show with several cameras, so hopefully we'll have a ninja gaiden DVD available soon as well as the Contraband DVD. Check out a review of the show at Many many thanks to Ross Miller at for getting the word out!

The UK/European tour is coming together very nicely thanks to our good friends Dawn, Bjoern, and the guys in Mutiny on the Bounty. If anyone can help with a show in anyway, please drop us or one of these folks a line. We would greatly appreciate it!!

We've got a weekend of shows with good friend the Octopus Project coming up in August... don't miss these shows... the Octopus Project is an amazing live band. Thanks to everyone for your support.


March 26th: many thanks to everyone that came out to support us on this tour! We had an amazing time, and SXSW was a blast. Also, we were lucky enough to play with Pelican, Daughters, and Russian Circles in Houston, TX this tour. All amazing bands and great people!

We're still keeping busy in April writing, and playing regional shows. Please come rock with us, and our new Athens friends Summerbirds in the Cellar.

Putting the final touches on the Contraband DVD. It should be available soon! That's all I've got for now.

- Bryant


January 6th: Happy New Year! After a month off, we've starting the writing process. We're hoping to record our new full-length this summer (probably August) with Steve Albini at Electrical Audio. We also want to officially welcome Jeremy Fountain (of Hi Rollers and Serka) as a full time member! Our next record will be entirely double drums.

Alina and I are working on booking a two week tour in March. We're heading down to Austin for SXSW. A Hello Sir Showcase is in the works but not guaranteed... nonetheless, we should be playing somewhere.

If anyone can help out with a show on this tour in any way, please let us know. We can always use extra help setting up/promoting shows.

and finally... we're going to nail down that Contraband DVD recording that we've failed so many times. We're playing 2 shows in January... the Georgia Theatre will host the DVD recording. They have an enormous screen ... it should be ridiculous. Keep checking back!!

- Bryant

September 13th: It has been quite some time since an update, but that doesn't mean that nothing's been going on.

Alina ( has done a fantastic job putting together our fall tour! It's almost completely booked! Come rock with us!

Also, we are very excited about both Gainesville Fest and CMJ. We're playing both and are playing the Hello Sir Showcase at CMJ as both Cinemechanica and MEGABAND.

and we got a new van... it's sweet! Keep checking back!

- Bryant

July 10th: Athfest was a blast! Even better than last year. We've been working hard writing (stereo) double drum songs. 1 new song has been completed with another well underway. We're hoping to play these two news songs at our up-and-coming shows!!

We recently picked up a booking agent... our good friend Alina! at Skinny Touring. She's putting together a US tour for Sept./Oct./Nov. We should be playing both The Fest (gainesville, FL) and CMJ on this tour. Also, we should have 2 drummers on almost all of these shows. Please, come rock with us!

as for Megaband/Contraband... we should have a link to buy both the Megaband DVD and Contraband CD (recorded well, with Andy Baker) on this site soon! Keep Checking Back!! oh, and EGM will happen in the fall!

- Bryant

May 10th: If there is something cooler than having Nintendo Power name drop your record, I know not what it is. To celebrate this victory for our collective childhood, we're working on a Megaband DVD for the Hello Sir store and proper websites for The Megaband/Contraband Expierience (working title.) is doing an interview. EGM is doing a feature over the summer. We mean business.

Cinemechanica wise, we posted a twelve minute live video excerpt of the double drum bonanza we've been doing at our local/north carolina shows. I'm secretly (not so secretly) hoping it leads to a kick drum pedal endorsement. Taking two down in five weeks (and two beaters) is hard work.

















Upcoming Tour
January 20, 2012  
529 w/ Rizzudo, Purkinje Shift Atlanta, GA

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